2017 | Quarter 1

Johor Port Berhad (JPB) a Member of MMC Group organised a Ceramah Maulidur Rasul for 300 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kota Masai 2. The insightful talk aims at contributing to the well-being of students through Islamic education. This program serves to educate the children about Islam, the Prophets noble morality, and to foster loves and affection in the heart of children on religion.

Hj Othman Hj Mohamed, Senior Manager Human Resources and Administration of JPB was delivered the talks, which covers the traits of the Prophet Muhammad SAW towards the family, friends and surrounding people that can lead to the best examples and can be applied in the daily lives.

Besides creating a stronger bond among the local community, this corporate social responsibility initiative has demonstrated Johor Port as a responsible corporate organisation to the local community and at the same time to support academic advancement for the younger generation.

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Johor Port Berhad Organises Ceramah  Maulidur Rasul with SK Kota Masai 2