2017 | Quarter 1

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In April 2016, Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad (AIRB) has successfully secured its first industrial wastewater recovery project with a rubber glove factory located in Senawang Industrial Park, Negeri Sembilan.

With the growing industrial landscape, the rubber glove company plans to expand its production capacity. However, the client faced obstacles to expand due to insufficient water supply and occasional water service interruption especially during draught season. To overcome the challenge, AIRB has proposed to recycle the treated wastewater by using Membrane technology. The plant was designed to recover 65% to 75% of the treated wastewater discharge from the production plant, where the recycled water can be reuse as fresh water as required by the factory.

The plant can recover up to 1 Million Liter per Day (1 MLD) of treated wastewater. It consists of pre-treatment system (i.e iron removal filter, multimedia filter and activated carbon filter) which has the function to reduce suspended solid and organics content in the wastewater. The filtrate after the pre-treatment system is further polish by Reverse Osmosis (R.O) system, a high pressurised membrane system that can remove major dissolved solids content in the wastewater. The final water quality meets the local water authority standards. Please refer the process flow diagram as show below.

Wastewater Diagram

The plant was successfully commissioned and completed on 31 October 2016 and has commercially operated since 1 November 2016. This project allows customer to enjoy a cost saving from purchasing fresh water at higher cost, with an alternative and sustainable water supply that will resolve water service interruption from the local water authority.

The client expressed their satisfaction on the first project delivered and is expecting to commence a future plant expansion of up to 3 MLD capacity.

Summary of the final water quality that meets the requirement of local water authority standard and main design capacity as below :