2018 | Quarter 4

Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port), a member of MMC Group, successfully concluded the Move-lah Challenge - a physical fitness campaign which was held to promote active and healthy lifestyle within   the company.

The three-month fitness campaign saw Penang Port employees tracking their everyday steps with the pedometer app, ‘Pacer’. The excitement of the challenge was fueled further as competing participants were tracking each other’s progress in Pacer’s scoreboard.

In the first month, the Move-lah Challenge required employees to achieve 5,000 steps. The challenge increased in intensity where participants were required to record 7,000 steps for the second month and 10,000 steps for the third month.

Leading by example and fully embracing the Move-lah Campaign quote - “Burn calories, not electricity”, Penang Port’s senior management team members were also showing support for the campaign by taking the stairs.

Mr. Sasedharan Vasudevan, Chief Executive Officer of Penang Port, and Mr. Radhi Mohamad, Chief Operating Officer of Penang Port, presented trophies, prizes and certificates to all of the Move-Lah Challenge achievers during its closing event.

Pantai Hospital was also invited during the event to conduct health screening and dietetic consultation. Apart from that, motivational lift stickers and wall posters were installed at Penang Port headquarters to encourage staircase usage.

The Move-lah Challenge Campaign has received positive feedback from Penang Port employees, as one was quoted saying, “I drive to work, spend hours doing work sitting and then drive home. I didn’t realise how sedentary my lifestyle was. I am more health-conscious now and really enjoyed completing the challenge with my fellow colleagues”.

Penang Port Gets Employees to “Move-lah”

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