2019 | Quarter 2

Johor Port Breaks New Ground with

a Regional-scale Training Programme


Johor Port Berhad (Johor Port), a member of MMC Group, has successfully conducted a five-day training programme entitled Port Continuous Improvements Programme (PCIP) for PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (PELINDO IV). This training was conducted by  Johor Port’s training provider arm, JP Skills Centre (JPSC).

The training programme was inaugurated at PELINDO IV Terminal Petikemas Bitung in Sulawesi and graced with the presence of Dr. Nazry Yahya, Head of JPSC; Mohd Rafizal, JPSC Manager; Abas Ahmad, Superintendent of Johor Port’s Port Safety and Security Department; Rapini Ajmain, Chief Trainer of JPSC; as well as Muhammad Asyhari, Human Resources Director of PELINDO IV.

The first of its kind, JPSC prepared the PCIP - newly developed and comprehensive training module, to provide a customised class training as well as on-field training to equip PELINDO IV personnel with the right skills and competencies.

The training participants consisted of senior supervisors and managers from PELINDO IV, underwent a two-day theory class session on leadership and a practical training session on safety and security in handling port equipment and operations.

This initiative has placed Johor Port on the map as a regional leader in port training programme. The programme was built on Johor Port’s 40 years of port experience. To date, JPSC has provided training to over 3,000 participants. Going forward, the PCIP will be made available to four other ports under PELINDO IV in Indonesia, namely Makassar, Pantoloan, Temate and Ambon.

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