2020 | Quarter 3

NEXT NEWS Penang Port Instills the Spirit of Patriotism  Among Employees in Conjunction with the National Day

Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port), a member of MMC Group, recently organised a Department Decoration Competition in conjunction with the 63rd National Day and 57th Malaysia Day. A total of 15 departments participated in the competition that was running from 24 August 2020 until 18 September 2020.

During the period, all participants were given the opportunity to decorate their departments with a theme and decoration concept related to Malaysia’s independence and nationality. This competition was organised to cultivate the spirit of patriotism and strengthening the relationship among employees of Penang Port.

Through a judging session on 21 September 2020, Marine Services Department was crowned as the champion with the theme ‘Kenali Malaysiaku’ by showcasing various antique items to reminisce the life of the society before independence and the gimmick on fighting the COVID-19.  Commercial Department was presented as the first runner-up with the theme ‘Bulatan Kesepaduan’ where they created a container ship design by utilising recyclable items. The third place was awarded to Human Resources Department with a theme ‘Memasyurkan Jalur Gemilang’.

The judging session has received an overwhelming support and response from Head of Departments and employees of Penang Port.  They also took this opportunity to showcase their talent with  poem recitation, pantun, acting sketch and performance of patriotic song. This competition indirectly spread the spirit of unity and instilled the love towards the country within the employees of Penang Port.

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