In an effort to continuously strengthen the organisational culture of employee engagement, PTP Management team continues to engage with PTP employees by carrying out its second town hall for the year. Held on 15 August 2016 at Cengkih Cafe, New PUB Building, the event was attended by more than 200 employees from different departments across the Company.

The session was conducted by Chairman of PTP, Dato’ Sri Che Khalib bin Mohamad Noh. Also present during the event were Mr Ian James, Group Chief Executive Officer, MMC Port Holdings Sdn Bhd, PTP Interim Chief Executive Officer, Mr Steven Yoogalingam, Encik Muhammad Abdullah Hatta, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PTP and the rest of PTP Senior Management team.

During the session, Dato’ Sri Che Khalib Mohamed Noh delivered five key messages on PTP’s current developments which were;

1. The importance of being consistent with productivity in order to regain the trust from customers.

2. To put in more effort in order to increase revenue and remain competitive in the market. When revenue increases, both the Company and     employees will receive the benefits equally.

3. To take care of PTP’s equipment and general cleanliness in the terminal vicinity.

4. The importance of safety in PTP and to reduce the number of accidents in PTP.

5. Advice conveyed and shared by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary on the wisdom of Iman, Taqwa and Ihsan.

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PTP’s Town Hall Session  with Dato’ Sri Che Khalib