2021 | Quarter 1

MMC Pembetungan Langat Sdn Bhd (MMC PLSB), a member of MMC Group, celebrated its achievement in the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Breakthrough of The Longest Microtunelling Diameter Nominal 1800 Multi Curvature Sewerage Pipeline in Full Rock’ during an event held at the Langat Sewerage Project site office in Kampung Sungai Balak, Kajang.

The pipe jacking works of 511 metres in length from Cheras Perdana to Taman Megah, is part of the overall 108 kilometres alignment of the Langat Sewerage Project implemented by Department of Sewerage Services (JPP) under the Ministry of Environment and Water. The team was challenged with geological condition consists of a full rock site.

A special custom-made cutterhead for the Tunnel Boring Machine manufactured in Germany was required to drill full-face granite with hardness over 120 MPa with an S-curve alignment through a fixed coordinate in which any slight inaccuracy will lead to encroachment to private land thus lead to legal implications. This innovative technique is the first time being practiced in any sewerage project in Malaysia and strongly believe to be a value engineering option for other future projects of relevant needs.

The ceremony was officiated by Ir Ahmad Rozian Othman, Deputy Director General of JPP together with Jwan Heah, Director of Business Development, Malaysia Book of Records. During the ceremony, Ir Ahmad Rozian handed over certificates of achievement to JPP, MMC PLSB, MMC Engineering Sdn Bhd and ICOP Construction Sdn Bhd as an appreciation for making the laborious work possible.

The final breakthrough was completed in less than two months on 24 December 2020 while the country still observing the Movement Control Order. In 2019, MMC PLSB celebrated its first achievement of the Breakthrough of the Longest Microtunneling DN1800 Curvature Sewerage Pipeline in Malaysia Book of Records.

The Langat Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (Langat CSTP) is currently processing sewage about 330,000 Population Equivalent (PE). In its full capacity, the Langat CSTP has the capability to process up to 920,000 PE. With the balance of 3.6 kilometres for pipe jacking works, the Langat Sewerage Project is nearing completion with 96% physical progress and is expected to be completed in December 2021 before entering the Operation and Maintenance phase.

MMC Pembetungan Langat Sets Another Achievement in the Malaysia Book of Records

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