2021 | Quarter 4

NEXT NEWS Malakoff Hosts Integrity Month to Raise  Awareness on Anti-Bribery Management System

The month of September was officially recognised as Malakoff Corporation Berhad’s (Malakoff) Integrity Month where various activities were conducted to promote Group-wide awareness among its employees on the ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) requirement.

This new initiative is part of Malakoff’s efforts to comply with Section 17A of the MACC Act on Corporate Liability and the TRUST Principles on Adequate Procedures that was introduced by the Prime Minister Department’s Governance Integrity Anti-Corruption Centre.

The programme was officiated virtually on 1 September 2021 by Datuk Haji Hasni Harun, Chairman of Malakoff. This was followed by an Integrity Talk on Section 17A of MACC Act - Corporate Liability, delivered by a guest speaker from MACC focusing on the legal implications from bribery acts by referencing real-life cases for everyone to learn from.

A series of activities was held to increase Malakoff employees’ understanding and awareness on ABMS-related policies and procedures. The Pantun Anti-Rasuah contest was aimed at promoting the integrity culture while cultivating the habit of creative writing among its employees. Other events such as Bicara Integriti by Ustaz Mohamad Wadi Annuar Ayub, interactive virtual games (Integrity Info Hunt and Integrity Live Quiz) and a Weekly Integrity Quote were also successfully carried out.

The Integrity Month finally wrapped up with a closing ceremony held on 1 October 2021 where attendees were eligible to participate in a lucky draw contest and winners from the previously held contests were also announced.  Anwar Syahrin Bin Abdul Ajib, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Malakoff graced the closing ceremony by highlighting the importance of continuously upholding a high integrity culture not only at the workplace, but also in our daily lives.

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