2018 | Quarter 2

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the second issue of The Hub 2018.  As with previous months, there were a series of operational updates and many exciting events and initiatives that took place within the Group, all of which are documented and presented to you in this second issue of The Hub.

One of the significant events was indeed the MMC Group CEO Awards’ ceremony held during the MMC Group Senior Management Retreat at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam. The awards ceremony celebrates the outstanding achievements and organisational performances within the Group for their leadership and commitment to excellence in the year 2017, where Encik Ahmad Hashimi Abdul Manap, Chief Executive Officer of Gas Malaysia Berhad was nominated as the MMC Group CEO of the Year. Congratulations to Encik Ahmad Hashimi Abdul Manap!

In May, MMC Group introduced Beyond Excellence as part of the Group’s DNA by year 2020, to achieve greater success in our organisational performance.  Beyond Excellence, as the name suggests, is about going the extra mile thus performing beyond expectations. The inspiration behind Beyond Excellence is to build a resilient culture that will stand the test of time. Click HERE to view the Beyond Excellence video if you miss to watch it earlier.

As we strive to transform and propel the Group to greater heights, we have also not lost sight of the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations. A total of 20 CSR and community-based initiatives were carried out within the Group, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

There are many more events and news in store for you in this latest edition of The Hub which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Do drop us an email at to share your feedback and suggestions as we welcome ideas to help us introduce improvements to the newsletter.

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The Hub Editorial Team

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