2018 | Quarter 3

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Malakoff held a Ceramah Perdana event, featuring Ustaz Haslin Bollywood at the Malakoff Academy of X-Cellence (MAX) auditorium on 13 September, attended by approximately 80 Malakoff staff from the Kuala Lumpur headquarters office.

Ustaz Haslin, with his talk titled ‘Secebis Hidayah, Menggapai Maghfirah’, was good-humoured and knowledgeable. He started by sharing that “as servants of God, we should be thankful for the bountiful opportunities that are given to us and be grateful for His endless blessings”. Stories and anecdotes that were conveyed in a relaxed and witty manner, successfully captured the crowd’s attention throughout the talk.

On a more serious note, Ustaz Haslin explained that God is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving, and He forgives and blesses His servants verily. Therefore, we should express our thanks by performing solat and act like a true Muslim.

The points given by Ustaz Haslin in the Ceramah Perdana were good reminders, especially at the beginning of the new Hijri year, to align our resolution and motivate us in our quest to be good servants of God.